Celebrating Excellence: Reproflex3’s Trevor Lowes on Judging Panel for FIA UK Awards

June 6 2023 R3
Trevor Lowes Reproflex3

Trevor Lowes Reproflex3

At Reproflex3, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation in the flexographic industry. It is with great honour that our very own Chief Operations Officer, Trevor Lowes, was invited to serve on the judging panel for the Flexographic Industry Association (FIA) UK Annual Awards and Gala Dinner, which takes place in Liverpool on 15th of June.

These prestigious awards recognise outstanding achievements in flexographic print quality, efficiency, innovation, technical development and sustainability. As a key figure in the industry, Trevor’s involvement in the judging process is a testament to Reproflex3’s dedication to promoting excellence and driving advancements in flexographic printing.

Recognising the Best of the Best:

The FIA UK Awards are an important event in the flexographic industry, providing a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of professionals and businesses that demonstrate exceptional talent and expertise. By honouring excellence in print quality, efficiency, innovation, technical development, and sustainability, these awards encourage continuous improvement and innovation in the industry.

As a member of the judging panel, Trevor joined a select group of industry professionals evaluating and recognising the best submissions across various categories. With his extensive knowledge and experience in flexo print, Trevor’s know how and passion for the flexographic print industry will contribute to ensuring the highest standards are upheld in the selection process.

Uniting the Industry:

The FIA UK Awards is more than a ceremony. It serves as a unique occasion for the flexographic industry and its partners to come together, fostering collaboration, and celebrating the collective achievements of the industry’s best and brightest. This event allows professionals from all corners of the flexo community to exchange ideas, share insights, and build connections that drive innovation and advancement.

When asked about his role as a judge for the FIA UK Annual Awards, Trevor expressed his excitement and gratitude. He highlighted the importance of recognising excellence within the flexographic industry and the privilege of being part of the judging panel. Trevor believes that acknowledging outstanding achievements not only inspires others but also encourages healthy competition and drives continuous improvement across the industry.

“Being on the judging panel for the FIA UK Awards 2023 is an incredible honour. It allows me to witness first-hand the remarkable talent and ingenuity within our industry. These awards celebrate the absolute best in flexographic print quality, efficiency, innovation, technical development, and sustainability.

“By participating in the judging process, I have the opportunity to contribute to the recognition of outstanding achievements and play a part in driving excellence in our industry. I would like to congratulate all the award nominees, wish them the best of luck, and thank them as they inspire us with their dedication and talent.”