Sharing Best Practice

December 21 2022 R3

Gavin Lowes, R3 Global Head of Manufacturing, has been working with the R3 Middle East & Africa team on a project to develop and implement a new process control system for our plate manufacturing activities.

He went back to Dubai in November to catch up with the team on progress.

Sumit Patil, Head of Sales for R3 Middle East & Africa, explains: “During Gavin’s last visit, we revised some of our process control systems. It’s been great to welcome him back, show him what we’re doing and to draw on his technical expertise supporting our teams around the world.

“We’ve recently introduced new operating standards in line with the capabilities of our new equipment investments. These developments have led to our manufacturing team producing award winning flexo plates for our clients, as demonstrated by nominations and wins at the recent MEA Prime Awards.”

Gavin adds: “It’s important that everything we do is measured and controlled against a rigorous set of global standards. To stay at the forefront of high-performance pre-press delivery to the flexographic print industry, process control and standardised operating procedures are crucial to ensure that we provide unrivalled products and services to our customers.”

“In the UK we have the ISO 9001 certification, which is the globally recognised gold standard in quality assurance. To achieve it, every aspect of our extensive quality management system (QMS) is assessed and scrutinised by independent auditors.”

“It’s been great travelling to the UAE and working alongside our R3 family in Dubai, they recently invested in a new exposure unit which required integration and led us to troubleshoot some technical challenges connected to light intensity and production temperatures. The results at last month’s MEA Prime Awards speak for themselves.”

The R3 QMS system is designed to underpin every process in our day-to-day operational and business activities.
Globally, this means the R3 team benefits through clarity on standard operating procedures and quality control whilst our customers have peace of mind in the knowledge that they know what they’re getting when they work with us.