Launching a new world of colour with SOMA

December 24 2020 R3
Nebula Soma

We were honoured to support SOMA during the launch and live demonstration of its Intelligent Change-over Wizard on the Optima² flexo press.

To showcase superior print quality and multiple efficiency gains, SOMA tasked R3 to create a challenging pack design with our ProjectBlue technology.

ProjectBlue uses an exclusive patented plate surface cell pattern together with a unique anilox cell format for optimised ink transfer.

The result was expanded gamut printing from the same ink set, which was already on press from the previous job.

The live demo print samples displayed exceptional high-definition image quality and smooth vignettes were capable throughout the entire 100% tonal range.

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“We partnered with Reproflex3 due to their extensive expertise in flexo pre-press technology and the very positive feedback their ProjectBlue technology has previously received from the market. Together we created the Nebula project, a challenging design to be printed live during the SOMA Online Product Launch. The result, performance, and professionalism were outstanding. It took zero iterations to get to the final design quality.

The first set of plates delivered ‘gravure equal or better’ print quality, just as we wanted; fading’s down to zero, the design was extremely demanding for flexo technology as well as the printing press. Most importantly, everyone who has seen the physical sample agrees that the Nebula design delivers the absolute best in what flexo has to offer. We’re looking forward to continued collaboration with Reproflex3 and working together to bring market-leading innovations and solutions to the industry.”

Petr Blaško

Marketing Director at SOMA